Kind Kelantan magnificence tycoon rewards Indonesian

Tonton DramaJune 14, 2021

Kind Kelantan magnificence tycoon rewards Indonesian house cleaners with new telephones to keep in contact with family

Malaysian magnificence tycoon Hartini Sulaiman has talented her two homegrown aides with new cell phones in a sweet offer of appreciation for their diligent effort.

The organizer of Karisma Cosmetic shared a TikTok video of her astounding her servants Nor, 27, and Kini, 40, with the telephones as of late.

In the clasp, she requested that the pair think about what their presents were, with Nor saying “garments” while Kini shamelessly addressed “skincare.”

Their appearances quickly lit up once Hartini gave them their new devices alongside a few assistants to go with the telephone.

“Presently you can call individuals in your kampung consistently, your children and your family members,” said Hartini in the video.

The 41-year-old money manager revealed to mStar that she purchased the telephones for her homegrown aides after one of them said she was intending to utilize her compensation to supplant her old cell phone which had separated.

“I was moved to purchase the telephone for her however on the off chance that I just remunerated her, I figure my other servant would learn about left.

“So I chose to purchase new telephones for the two of them to make it reasonable,” said Hartini.

The mother-of-two who presently lives in Rantau Panjang, Kelantan said she considers Nor to be Kini as a feature of her more distant family.

She added that the two ladies have been praiseworthy representatives and experience never given her difficulty since they began working for her over a year back.

“I know a few people, including my companions, who have had terrible encounters with their homegrown assistants.

“Fortunately, I’ve never had any issues with my house keepers.

“They are dedicated and they take care of their work competently so it bodes well for me to compensate them.”

Hartini said that Nor and Kini would call their spouses and families in Indonesia once per week and that she wasn’t stressed over the cell phones diverting them from their obligations.

“As managers, we can screen their developments and exercises yet we can’t make them cut binds with their family.”

Known for her liberality, Hartini additionally talented her 40 workers incorporating Nor and Kini with gold wristbands as a year-end reward in 2020.

She said she has no doubts about offering her wealth to her staff individuals as long as they were submitted and earnest in their work.

“God gives us wealth not for us to appreciate alone, but rather these endowments ought to be imparted to others including our homegrown assistants,” said Hartini.


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